What is QSpeakers

QSpeakers is a DIY speakers design software. This program simulates common acoustical enclosures behaviour in the mean to help users to design their own loudspeaker systems.

QSpeakers program is free software, copyright (C) 2014 Benoît Rouits and released under the GNU General Public Lisence version 3. It is delivered as is in the hope it can be useful, but with no warranty of correctness.


Source code

QSpeakers source code is browsable and checkoutable at the SVN repository of QSpeakers. You can checkout it with a Subversion (svn) client program, by typing in a command-line shell:

svn co https://svn.gtmp.org/svn/qspeakers/


You can download the source package of version 1.0.1 of QSpeakers and build it with the following commands in a command-line shell:

$ tar zxvf qspeakers-1.0.1.tar.gz
$ cd qspeakers-1.0.1
$ qmake -config release
$ make && sudo make install
Notice QSpeakers needs the QWT version 6 library and developement files in order to build.

Windows® 32 bits installer

A Microsoft® Windows® binary installer has been done for convenience, but is not heavily tested. If you are a Micorsoft® Windows® user, you can download the win32 installer. Please do not change the install path if you want the speakers database and the translation strings to be found by QSpeakers.

Happy DIY!