User Colors for the Webalizer

webalizer-usercolor is a small patch against the 2002 version of the Webalizer web logfile analyzer to enable personalized colors on the generated webpages and charts.

July 2008 update: Bradford L. Barrett released a new version of the Webalizer (2.20.xx) including this current patch by default. So this patch is no longer required for the most recent versions of webalizer.


This patch is freely available, usable, modifiable and whatever-able following the same license as the Webalizer (GNU GPL).

Download the patch here.

How to use it

Webalizer has 10 hard-coded colors. The present patch allow you to configure them in your standard webalizer.conf file by adding 10 new keywords to define them:

Original hard-codedMeaningExample with the patch
GREENcolor for HITS your own ColorHit
BLUEcolor for FILES your own ColorFile
ORANGEcolor for SITE your own ColorSite
REDcolor for KBYTES your own ColorKbyte
CYANcolor for PAGE your own ColorPage
YELLOWcolor for VISIT your own ColorVisit
PURPLE additional color for pie your own PieColor1
LT GREENadditional color for pie your own PieColor2
LT PURPLEadditional color for pie your own PieColor3
BROWNadditional color for pie your own PieColor4
To enable it, simply apply the patch on the webalizer source tree and compile the webalizer. Then, look at the new webalizer.conf file or the man page: it shows examples of use for these new keywords.

Important note

To enable the new colors on images for your already generated stats, you must re-process them by removing the history file (webalizer.current) and launch webalizer by hand only once. If you had old rotated logs, there is probably no other way than re-processing them one by one in the historical order.

Contribs and forks of the Webalizer

The Webalizer has not been changed since year 2002. Many people have added contributions to it. They are available at the contrib subdir of the Webalizer ftp site. Some people have now forked the Webalizer, for example : AWFFull by Steve McInerney. AWFFul includes this "usercolor" patch since version 3.3.1.

Copyright © 2002 Benoît Rouits